Tennessee native and Vietnam veteran Sam McGowan resides just outside Houston with his wife and four dogs. He has authored numerous magazine articles and dozens of books and novels. His personal website is at http://www.sammcgowan.com.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I just read your story about a flight on a C-130 piloted by Captain Bob Bartunek where the bird was flown upside down. I enjoyed so much hearing this story as Bob was my uncle and I never heard the story from him. Thanks so much!


  2. Thanks for the comment James. Bob didn’t “fly the airplane upside down,” he performed a Split-S maneuver, in which the pilot rolls the airplane and pitches over, in this case to change altitude. Bob was a great guy. I was happy to know him and was so sad that he passed away. I saw him a couple of years before his death when he was here in the Houston area visiting family.


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