Tennessee native and Vietnam veteran Sam McGowan resides just outside Houston with his wife and four dogs. His personal web site is at http://www.sammcgowan.com.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I just read your story about a flight on a C-130 piloted by Captain Bob Bartunek where the bird was flown upside down. I enjoyed so much hearing this story as Bob was my uncle and I never heard the story from him. Thanks so much!


  2. Thanks for the comment James. Bob didn’t “fly the airplane upside down,” he performed a Split-S maneuver, in which the pilot rolls the airplane and pitches over, in this case to change altitude. Bob was a great guy. I was happy to know him and was so sad that he passed away. I saw him a couple of years before his death when he was here in the Houston area visiting family.


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