What “Blank Check”?


There’s a missive going around about how a “veteran” is someone who “gave a blank check” to America. While this may sound good, it’s simply not true. The fact is, young men who serve in the military are not “offering” anything, they are fulfilling a military obligation established by Federal  regulation. Title 10 defines the militia as “all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States.”  This has been the definition of the militia ever since the United States became a nation. (the Code has recently been modified to include female members of the National Guard.) Until 1973, when conscription ended due to a number of legal rulings, particularly one in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, ALL young American men were subject to eight years of military service, which could be served in various ways ranging from two years of active service followed by six years in the reserves to four to six years of active service followed by reserve service. It was the policy in force when I graduated from high school in 1963 and was faced with the choice of how I was going to fulfil my military commitment. After considerable deliberation, I decided to enlist in the US Air Force.

If I had any thoughts of patriotism or somehow servicing my fellow Americans, they were so far in the back of my mind I never thought of them. I had a number of reasons for choosing the Air Force – my dad was in the Air Corps during the war and my uncle was an Air Force pilot, I liked airplanes and wanted to fly – but I enlisted like most other young men because I was obligated by law to do so unless I wanted to wait and take my chances with the military draft. Since I was unmarried – although they were classified as 1A, married men were lower on the list of potential draftees – I only had three options, enlist, enroll in college and receive a deferment or wait to be drafted. I thought about college – and was accepted at both the University of Tennessee and Memphis State (but didn’t know how I’d pay for it) – but decided to enlist and attend college later. (I also had the option of taking college classes in my off duty hours but my duties precluded it.)

Those who have never served in the military – and some who have – seem to think that those who go into it are somehow making a sacrifice. While this may be true of older men who had established themselves in some kind of job, it’s not true of most military enlistees. (Yes, there is the potential for making the ultimate sacrifice but only a tiny fraction of those who serve die in the line of duty. I’m referring to somehow sacrificing something to go into the service in the first place.) It is true that military service may mean separation from family but there are numerous civilian professions in which men must work in remote areas far from their families. Granted, it’s their choice but since 1973 and the end of conscription, military service is also a choice. As for compensation, although my initial pay as a recruit was only $83.20 a month, that was $83.20 more a month than I was making as a high school student. I was also provided a place to lay my head and three meals a day, as well as free medical care had I needed it. By the time I left the Air Force 12 years later, my total compensation as an E 6 on flying status with a wife and daughter was equal to or better than that of most American men my age. In fact, when I left the service, I took a substantial cut in pay and it took several years before I was back to the level I was when I left military life. I also gave up lifetime retirement pay of half of my military salary and free medical care for life had I elected to remain another eight years. I recently compared my compensation at the time I left the service in 1975 with that of a young man or woman with the same amount of service doing the same job as me and found that their total pay was as much as I was making when I took early retirement from a major corporation in 2000 – and I was in a white collar job!

Yes, I got to play in the Great Southeast Asian Games but there was no sacrifice involved for me or anyone else. Even those who died who came in as draftee or had yet to complete their military obligation were doing their duty as citizens. Career men and women who were there were there by choice. They could have left the service at the end of their enlistment or when they had filled the obligation they had for specialized training such as military pilot training. Not to mention that we were compensated for our service, which raises another point. Besides, it was an adventure and I didn’t have to pay a nickel for it. (I was paid!)

There was one campaign issue used by Donald Trump with which I was not in tune, the claim that veterans are “not being cared for.” This is patently untrue. If a man or woman suffers injury or disease while they are on active military service that leaves them disabled, they not only entitled to medical care at government expense, they are also entitled  to compensation of varying amounts, depending on the level of disability. (Military retirees can now receive BOTH their military retirement and disability compensation.) That young men and women who suffer injury in one of our recent and current military adventures are left to fend for themselves is simply untrue. In fact, all military veterans are theoretically eligible for medical treatment in the VA system, but there is a priority system with those with service-connected disabilities in the highest priorities. (I know – I am 60% disabled.) The cases that so often receive major coverage in the media are veterans who are in low priority, many of whom have no service-connected disability and are unable to prove their claims. The truth is that the majority of veterans don’t need VA treatment because (1) they are healthy and (2) they have insurance coverage through their employers. (Retirees have their own health care program.) I myself only started using the VA for medical treatment when my service-connected disability began causing problems requiring medical care. Before that, I used civilian medical facilities and my former employer-sponsored insurance coverage.

Just where this “blank check” idea came from, I don’t know. I suspect it came from one of the veteran’s organizations but if so, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of it. Regardless, the slogan is not true. Those of us who served in the military did not “give” the United States of America anything. In fact, by serving we were paying the debt that all American men incur the instant they are born, or in the case of immigrants, the moment they become a citizen. There is a blank check all right but it’s the one we’re all given, and I mean ALL, by citizenship in a free country.

Electoral Confusion

Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector.

The electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves. And they shall make a list of all the persons voted for, and of the number of votes for each; which list they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates, and the votes shall then be counted. The person having the greatest number of votes shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed; and if there be more than one who have such majority, and have an equal number of votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately choose by ballot one of them for President; and if no person have a majority, then from the five highest on the list the said House shall in like manner choose the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by States, the representation from each state having one vote; A quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. In every case, after the choice of the President, the person having the greatest number of votes of the electors shall be the Vice President. But if there should remain two or more who have equal votes, the Senate shall choose from them by ballot the Vice President.

The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, and the day on which they shall give their votes; which day shall be the same throughout the United States.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and ignorance in the United States right now. We held an election this week as the Constitution instructs in the preceding paragraphs but there seems to be a group who do not want to accept the results because Hillary Clinton “won the popular vote.” They think that when they voted, they were actually voting for the candidate and that the results should be based on the number of Americans who voted for the candidates. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was no “national” election, there were 50 state elections and in the District of Columbia. Voters in each state and the District voted to determine who each state’s electors will vote for in the actual election, which will be held on December 19. That is how elections have been held in this country since it was established and is how they are held today.

A few people – mostly Democrats – have expressed hostility toward our system of election. They don’t like it because it allows the nation to elect the president rather than the major population centers, which is what the Founders intended. When the Founders were meeting in Philadelphia, their purpose was to establish a nation of states, a single nation in that there would be a national government whose role would be to represent the interests of the states as a whole. They decided to have a single branch, the Legislative Branch, with one house to be made up of representatives of the states elected by the people and the other to be elected by the state legislatures. The Executive Branch would be administered by a President of the United States, who would be chosen in the manor described above.


The map shows how each county in the United States voted in the recent election. Note that the counties in Red, the ones that voted for Trump, cover the entire country while the counties in blue show up as islands in a red sea. Also note that in most cases they represent large population center. Note, for example, that the state of New York is mostly red except for New York City and the counties along the Hudson River. Other areas represent concentrations of either blacks or Hispanics. In New Mexico, the blue areas are Indian reservations. None of the blue areas represent the national as a whole. It was to prevent areas of high population from controlling the nation – as we’ve seen for the past eight years – that the Founders created the electoral college.

So, who did I vote for when I cast my vote for a straight Republican ticket two and a half weeks ago on the first day of early voting?  Although I was casting my vote for Donald Trump, I was actually voting for the electors who will actually vote for him on December 19. My vote was only to determine for whom Texas’ electoral votes will be cast. My vote does not go into some kind of national poll of votes to be totaled up to determine who the president will be. In the term “national vote” and “popular vote” are erroneous because there is no such thing. Nowhere in the Constitution is a national or popular vote mentioned and there are no regulations pertaining to such a vote. In short, it’s an invention of the media and serves no purpose.

There are “movements” to abolish the electoral college but there are movements for everything. The only way the electoral college can be abolished is to change the Constitution itself. This would require Congressional action and any change would have to be ratified by a majority of the states. In short, those who are protesting the electoral college and seeking to replace it with a single national vote are pissing in the wind.

The Dawn of a Bright New Day


I woke up this morning to a new day; a new day in terms of it being a new one in terms of the sun but also because it is a new day for this country. For the first time in recent memory, a non-politician has been elected president of the United States even though he was opposed by everyone from the political elites to the coyotes who charge desperate Latinos big bucks to smuggle them through Mexico and across the border into the United States – including all of the broadcast networks and apparently all of the cable channels, including FOX News, the New York Times, the Washington Post and most large newspapers. But all of those opposing him lost and Trump won.

The media pronounced Hillary queen several months ago, as soon as she declared her candidacy, actually, and “the polls” confirmed it – with three exceptions. Way out on the Left Coast there is a company known as the Rand Corporation, a little known company founded right after World War II by Douglas Aircraft to provide research information to what was then the Army Air Forces. Rand is essentially a high-powered think tank which, over the years, has been involved in numerous projects for the military, industry and health care. Prior to the 2012 election, Rand developed a new polling method. After conducting the poll themselves in 2012, Rand turned the project over to the University of Southern California’s Dornsife Understanding America Study. The Dornsife school conducted the poll this year for the Los Angeles Time. The Dornisfe poll consistently showed that the presidential race was much closer than other polls were showing it. So did the TIPP tracking poll, which only kicked in a couple of weeks before the election. Rasmussen was also showing a closer race. All three polls were discounted by the big name pollsters and the national media.

On the day before the election, I noticed two things that caused me to think that Trump had a chance. The first was that the Dornsife poll showed Trump with a 5-point lead while the TIPP poll showed him a 2 point lead. Rasmussen also showed Trump with a lead. On election day, the Dornsife had Trump favored by 3 points, TIPP remained at 2 while Rasmussen had dropped to -2 – most other polls showed Clinton leading by 3-5 points. I also noted that the Real Clear Politics web page was showing most of the “battleground states” as undecided, with their “no tossup” electoral college map showing Clinton with a less than 5-vote advantage over Trump. I knew that Trump had a good chance of winning the election. History now shows that I was right.

Things have changed. The next event will be Donald Trump picking his cabinet. Of course, the media is going to spin and speculate just as they’ve been doing ever since there was a hint that he might run. Consequently, we really don’t know that much about him because damn near everything published about him came straight from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. They fed information to the so-called journalists and they rushed it into print. According to them, Trump is a rich opportunist who likes to “abuse” women and never pays any taxes. Maybe he’s all of that but there’s a lot more to him. Now, I want to say that I have never been a Trump fan. I never watched his television shows and when some of my friends started pushing him to be the GOP nominee, I thought they were nuts. I early voted for Jeb Bush in the Texas primary but he withdrew from the race before the election so my vote didn’t matter. There’s no way I’m ever going to support Ted Cruz for anything. Once it became apparent that Trump was going to be the nominee, I started paying more attention and realized he was the best candidate of the field. If Trump had not been the nominee, I’m afraid Hillary would be crowing today instead of drowning her sorrows.

Criticism of Trump centers mostly around his views on ILLEGAL immigration. ILLEGAL is the key word here. Estimates of the numbers of illegal immigrants in the US vary, but regardless of how many are here, they are here ILLEGALLY, which means they are breaking the law, which calls for deportation. Since the vast majority of illegals in the US are Mexican, the law naturally comes down hard on Mexicans. Trump – correctly – stated that many of the Mexican immigrants are criminals, particularly rapists, and this is true. I live near Houston, Texas, which has the largest concentration of immigrants in the country, and there is definitely a fairly high crime rate among Mexicans, whether they’re legal or illegal. There’re shootings almost every day and there have been several incidents where Mexican immigrants have raped young girls, most of whom are also of Mexican origin. Are all Mexican immigrants criminals? The answer is obviously no but some are, and there’s no way to screen those who come here illegally.

Then there is the issue of Muslims. Contrary to what many seem to think, Trump has not called for deportation of Muslims. What he’s called for is a – temporary – moratorium on immigration of Muslims from areas where so-called “radical Islam” prevails. Such an action is, incidentally, a right of the Executive Branch. Contrary to the insinuations of the Khan man, immigrants who are not citizens have no rights and the Constitution does not address immigration at all. Immigrants are actually guests of the United States until they complete the citizenship process and become citizens and thus entitled to the rights of citizens as expressed in the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional amendments. Until that time, they are still citizens of whatever country they came from and have no Constitutional rights.

A lot of criticism has been directed at Trump over his announcement that he  will build a wall along the Mexican border. Now, the Mexican border runs from a few miles from Brownsville, Texas some 1,500 miles to just south of San Diego, California. The border with Texas is the Rio Grande River, which is so shallow in places a person can wade it – I’ve done so myself.  Just west of El Paso, the border becomes an imaginary line across the most desolate land on the North American continent. Those who wish to cross are required to do so at checkpoints run by both governments. However, the border is porous. Part of it is fenced but illegal immigrants cross practically at will. Some are caught, some die in the desert and some get through. Many are trucked to cities like Dallas and Houston.


Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park – Mexico on the other side

Trump’s wall is not only doable, having a wall along the border would not only provide security against illegal crossings, it would serve to channel those who have the documentation to come here legally to an authorized crossing.

Trump critics like to accuse him of “racism,” but their logic is faulty. “Mexican” is a nationality, not a race, and Hispanic is both a language or a national origin. “Latino” is an invented term for people with a connection to “Latin America,” meaning anything south of the Mexican border with the United States. In reality, Mexicans are of European origin just like Americans. If not, they are Amerindian or mestizo, a Spanish term for people of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry. The ancestors of some Mexicans even came from the United States. Trump is also called a misogynist, which is a gross misuse of a term that means “hater of women.” Trump is anything but.

Some claim that Trump won’t be able to accomplish his goals because of opposition from Congress. Well, I’ve got news for you folks.  Every single member of the House of Representatives was just elected or reelected. Trump critics might want to take a look and see where those representatives came from. That’s right, the same people who voted for those Republican representatives voted for Trump. Members of Congress answer to those who sent them there, not to their political party or their financial supporters.  Trump won’t have any problem getting Congressional support for his programs. So what that he’s lacking in foreign policy experience? What president ever goes into office with such experience? That’s why presidents have cabinets and advisors, both civilian and military. It’s a new day. Hide and watch what happens!








A Vote for Satan

I was born and raised in West Tennessee, the western division of the great state of Tennessee, the region lying between the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. West Tennessee is part of the purchase of land from the Chickasaw orchestrated on behalf of the United States by Tennessean Andrew Jackson and Kentuckian Isaac Shelby in 1818. The northern part of the purchase became part of Kentucky and is now referred to as “The Purchase” while the rest became part of Tennessee and became West Tennessee. After the purchase, the land was opened up for settlement and settlers – including my ancestors – began coming in from the Carolinas and elsewhere in Kentucky and Tennessee. The rich bottomlands along the Forked Deer, Hatchie, Obion and Mississippi Rivers were settled largely by slave owners who established large cotton farms while the higher ground to the east was settled by mostly livestock farmers who owned few, if any slaves. Consequently, the region had divided loyalties when Tennessee seceded from the Union – my home county, Carroll, was one of several West Tennessee counties that voted to remain. Large numbers of West Tennesseans fought in both armies and the region, which the Union initially captured but abandoned, saw warfare between irregular Southern guerrillas and Unionist “bushwhackers.”

After the war, West Tennessee remained in turmoil as some of the guerrilla and bushwhacker bands continued fighting both with each other and together as outlaws. Most of the history of that period has been obscured and by the time I was born right after World War II, no one knew what had happened during those terrible times. However, one thing remained – the Democratic Party dominated Tennessee, and West Tennessee Democrats, many of them at least, were so devoted to the party that they’d vote for Satan if he ran on the Democratic ticket. I know; my grandmother was one such Democrat.

My mother never talked about her family much and it wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I found out why. She once told me that her grandfather was “a bad man” and went on to say that he was “a grand dragon” in the KKK. I still don’t know much about him and never knew him because he died as a result of injuries suffered when he was hit by a car when I was ten months old. (I do have a memory – my earliest of all memories – of looking down on him in his coffin and my mother’s teenage cousins crying.) I still don’t know much about him other than that he wasn’t born until after the Civil War and that his father apparently was not a soldier but I do know that he was a staunch Democrat. I also know that while he probably was not a “grand dragon,” he was definitely a member of a group of night-riders who went out at night as an enforcer. I haven’t found anything to indicate they ever lynched anyone but the Madison County night riders were real. My aunt tells me that they went after people who ran afoul of the mores of the time.

My grandmother was like so many of her time – and since. She was a staunch Democrat who, although she never voiced hatred for Republicans, at least not in my presence, never voted for a Republican. Neither did my grandfather, whose grandfather evidently was a Confederate cavalryman who rode the legendary Nathan Bedford Forrest – until he apparently deserted and went home. They had three daughters, one of whom, my mother, came to her senses and became a Republican after she met my father, one who was as staunch a Democrat as my grandmother and one who recently left the Democrats, or so I’m told although I’m not certain she has.

Democrats like my grandmother are like those in the Piney Woods of East Texas who are called “Yellow Dog Democrats” because they’d vote for a yellow dog if it was on the Democratic ticket. I’ll take it a step further – such Democrats would vote for Satan if he was on the ticket. In fact, I heard a black Hillary supporter say on TV recently that she’d vote for Hillary even if Jesus Christ Himself endorsed Donald Trump. There’s no doubt that such voters would vote for Satan. This time, they are.



A Historical First

The Clinton’s Trail of Corruption

It should be obvious to anyone who has read my blog and seen my posts on Facebook and Twitter that I don’t just hate the Clintons, I DESPISE THEM! Never in the history of the United States has there been such an obvious politically corrupt family, as the information in the timeline linked above well illustrates. (Incidentally, that article is on a LEFT-WING site – even left-wing progressives know the Clintons are corrupt, or at least they did in the 1990s when that timeline was started.) They have a long history of corruption dating back to the early 1970s when they started their political career. (I say “their” because that’s what it was – Hillary Clinton’s one goal in life is to be president and she decided to achieve that goal by riding Bill’s coattails.)

My hatred for Bill started when I learned how he took somewhat extreme measures to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. Now, I know that Donald Trump didn’t serve either but there’s no evidence that he made any kind of effort to avoid military service. Like other college students in the 60s, both Trump and Clinton were exempt. Trump went for his physical and was classified as military fit with restrictions and was in a category that was never called. When the draft lottery was established, Trump drew a high number. Clinton, on the other hand, claimed he was going to enroll at the University of Arkansas and join the ROTC but instead he took off to Oxford (where he was accused of rape and kicked out of school.) Clinton was later spared because he, like Trump, drew a high number but only after he had actively avoided the draft. (The irony is that if Clinton had gone into the Army, he could have been commissioned and served in the staff judge advocate’s office. By the time he and Trump both came eligible, the US was in the process of pulling out of Vietnam and fewer and fewer men were being called.)

That was then and this is now and my hatred for the Clintons has intensified and is directed more at her now than it is him. Yes, Bill is a schemer but not as much as Hillary, and it’s Hillary activities that are beyond borderline criminal, and who is now under not one, but two, Federal investigations, the first for mishandling of classified information and the second for conflict of interest and abuse of power by selling favors in return for monetary considerations in the form of contributions to the Clinton family foundation. It’s now come out that the government of Qatar gave Bill Clinton a “birthday present” of $1 million. Now, governments don’t “give” large sums of money like that to someone unless they’re expecting something in return. Furthermore, the Clinton Foundation didn’t report the “gift” to the State Department as required and thus raises an ethics issue because Secretary Clinton had “promised” to report such gifts. The foundation’s activities are questionable since very little of it’s money is actually used for charitable purposes.

Dishonesty seems to be a hallmark of the Clintons, dishonesty combined with perjury whenever they’ve been called to account. According to former Clinton friend/business partner Jim McDougal, Bill and Hillary both lied to investigators about their role in the Whitewater development. Bill later lied in depositions related to the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and coerced others to lie for him, then later lied to a grand jury about his involvement with intern Monica Lewinsky – until Linda Tripp turned her semen-stained blue dress over to the FBI. Consequently, he was impeached for perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Hillary has lied so much that the late William Safire labeled her a serial liar and journalist Carl Bernstein, who wrote a biography of her, has said that “Hillary and truth rarely walk together.” Yet she’s very close to being elected president of the United States.

How can so many people support Hillary Clinton when she’s a known liar and is under Federal investigation? Part of it is that they’re Democrats and “my daddy was a Democrat and his daddy afore him and Hillary’s a Democrat and I’m agonna vote fer her.” Another part can be found in the statistics of her supporters; there is only one group of voters in which Hillary Clinton leads by a large majority and that is the Godless. While Trump leads among all voters with a religious preference, Clinton leads among those who profess no religious faith at all. In short, her immorality means nothing to those who are immoral themselves (yes, morality and religious faith go hand-in-hand. Then much of her support comes from those who share her belief that government should be the great provider and that all citizens should be responsible to government rather than the other way around as the Founders intended.


A Criminal Enterprise and Revolt in the Executive Branch

It’s Friday, November 4, the last day of early voting here in Texas. Election day is three days away. I’m addressing this to those who have yet to vote, particularly those who intend to vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. If you vote for Hillary, ,you will be voting for a criminal. If you vote for any Democrat,  you’re voting for a candidate who represents the  party of corruption.

Just today the State Department released a new batch of Emails that Hillary Clinton had deleted  from her server but which remained in the DOS server. This particular Email is classified yet Hillary forwarded to her daughter Chelsea, who was using the alias Diane Reynolds even though she was using Hillary’s private server – dreynolds@clintonemail.com. That she sent the Email, the contents of which are so sensitive that they have been classified as “Confidential” by the State Department, is a violation of Federal law because “Diane Reynolds” was not authorized to read official mail. This particular Email is classified until 12/18/2024. The Email was sent by Michael B. Froman, who was deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs, at the National Security Council and the National Economic Council. It was forwarded to Hillary by Jake Sullivan, who was Hillary’s deputy chief of staff and director of policy planning. Although the contents have been redacted, it was obviously official correspondence that Hillary had no authority to share with her daughter, who was involved with the Clinton Foundation and working for an investment group in New York City. Hillary’s response to the Email had been previously released.

That Hillary shared this Email with Chelsea, a private citizen, is an indication of how she exhibited careless disregard for national security. Only the FBI – and the NSA – know what she shared and with whom and many agents seem to be very upset that she was not indicted. It turns out that the investigation of Hillary’s misconduct while she was Secretary of State isn’t the only aspect of her life under scrutiny. It turns out that the Feds are also looking into the Clinton family foundation and Hillary’s conflict of interest as she engaged in a play-for-pay scheme selling influence in return for big dollar contributions to the Clinton Foundation. It appears that the Feds now have the goods on Hillary and are working furiously to put her in jail – while the Department of Justice fights them at every turn. Such is the Clinton saga.

Hillary’s trail of dishonesty goes all the way back to 1978 when she mysteriously turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 practically overnight. She claimed she got good advice from Jim Blair, an Arkansas lawyer and politician with close ties to her and her husband. It’s believed that the windfall was actually a payback for Bill to look the other way while Blair and some of his associates set up a drug-smuggling scheme with Barry Seal, a drug runner from Louisiana who was relocating his base of operations to Mena, a small western Arkansas town in the southern Ozarks. Bill was Arkansas attorney general at the time. It’s believed that the plan was for Seal to bring the drugs in then they’d be distributed in chicken carcasses packed by Tyson foods then sent to fast food restaurants in the Midwest. (Kentucky governor John Y. Brown’s political career came to an end when he was found to have been talking to members of a Lexington, KY based drug ring.) One of those allegedly involved was Dan Lasater, a  Clinton buddy who was convicted of drug distribution and served six months in jail; Bill Clinton pardoned him. When Barry Seal was arrested in Florida, he hired Clinton friend and Hillary’s former associate in the Watergate prosecution Richard Ben-Veniste to represent him. (Seal was later assassinated in front of a half-way house in Baton Rouge, some say by Federal agents.)

Clinton friend and associate Jim McDougal had a lot to say about the Clintons, particularly about Hillary, in his memoir, which was published posthumously after he died in a Federal prison in Texas. He tells how an Arkansas political hack told him he should pay off the Clintons so he started slipping them $2,000 a month under the table. Later on, when Bill told him that the Rose Law Firm where Hillary had been hired was complaining because she wasn’t generating any revenue, McDougal put her on a $2,000 a month retainer even though he had no need of her services. God only knows how many other Arkansas businessmen (and crooks) were paying the Clintons off.

The Clintons continued their illegal activities after Bill left the White House, but their new activities come under the category of influence-pedaling. The Clintons charge exorbitant speaking fees in return for political favors and there’s evidence that Hillary  took advantage of her role as Secretary of State by offering her influence to large donors to the Clinton Foundation. It is those activities that have attracted the attention of agents of the FBI. All indications are that the FBI has the goods on the Clintons, and are seeking an indictment but are being blocked by political appointees in the Department of Justice. It is highly likely that the FBI obtained evidence against Clinton in the voluminous trove of documents found in the possession of National Security Service contractor Harold Martin in August. Current media accounts are that the Clinton Email investigation was reopened because of information found on Anthony Weiner’s computer but this has never been confirmed. All FBI director Comey said in his letter to Congress is that new evidence was found in “an unrelated case.”

At this point no one knows for sure what the FBI has on Clinton, or even what progress has been made on any of the cases since the Email case was just reopened and the Clinton Foundation Case has just become public knowledge – although there have been indications that it was on-going. There are rumors of disagreements between the FBI and the DOJ over the two cases – Director Comey is alleged to have notified Congress that the Email case had been reopened against the wishes of the DOJ. There have been claims that revealing investigations of political candidates close to an election violates some kind of “official policy” although no evidence of such a policy actually exists. This is not the first time the White House has claimed some kind of nonexistent policy – during the Clinton impeachment, the White House claimed there was some kind of executive privilege prohibiting Secret Service agents from testifying. The Supreme Court said otherwise.

There is one thing for certain, and the White House is more than aware of it. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, the Democrats will retain control of the Executive Branch even if she is impeached and removed from office. To the White House, electing Hillary is imperative because a Trump presidency will see a continuation of the investigations and prosecution of the criminal Clintons. Hillary also knows it; it’s been reported that after the national security/veterans forum in New York that she went off on her staff shouting “if this fucker is elected, we’ll hang!” Trump told Clinton to her face during one of the debates that if he were president, she’d be in jail. Jail is where she belongs, not the Oval Office. Just remember that when you go to vote next Tuesday. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Trump, don’t vote at all.


The Clintons in Arkansas and beyond (Note – this is from a left-wing site!)