What Really Happened in Dallas?

There are a lot of things I’d like to be writing about, but the ongoing saga of Colleen Crowley and Johnny Manziel has been occupying much of my mind ever since we came back from a cruise and I learned that there had been an incident early that morning in Dallas and Fort Worth involving Manziel. I have already posted Crowley’s statement and a link to the Fort Worth Police Department informational report on the incident. What I want to do now is look at the FACTs, as we know them based on those two documents. Bear in mind that everything that has appeared in the media is one-sided and comes from Crowley. Manziel made one comment to the scandal site TMZ when he told them he didn’t hit her and did not threaten to kill her.

Let’s start off without the “she said he said” stuff and look at what Crowley has said. Bear in mind that the Fort Worth officers who talked to her after the 911 call said her allegations were “vague.” They also said that she was intoxicated. Perhaps she was sober when she made her statement. All we really know is that it was presented to a judge along with an agreed protective order she and Manziel had agreed to on February 3. What Crowley says is this: She and some friends decided to go to Dallas to eat dinner and party on Friday night, January 30. They left the restaurant at 11:15 to go bar-hopping. While they were out, they were texting back and forth with “friends”, including Manziel, who was not with them. Either by prior arrangement or during the texting she made plans to spend the night at his hotel room. Crowley said that she and Manziel had broke up “in December.” (Perhaps she was horny or perhaps he told her she could spend the night rather than trying to drive back to Fort Worth.)

Crowley says that she and two of her friends went to Manziel’s room at the Hotel Zaza at 1:45, which means she and her friends had been drinking for over 2 1/2 hours. She doesn’t say when they arrived at the restaurant or if they were drinking. She says her friends left “to do their own thing” and she remained with Manziel. Whether they were alone or not is unclear. She told the police that someone was staying with Manziel but doesn’t mention it in her statement. After her friends left, she apparently jumped on him for spending time with another girl “who caused us problems in the past.” Crowley claims she told him she was going to sleep on the couch, and that he threw her on the bed, although she acknowledges that he said it was “playfully.”

She doesn’t say so in her statement, but Crowley told FW police that she wanted to leave but Manziel restrained her “because he believed she was intoxicated” and shouldn’t be driving. Now, bear in mind that this was in the hours of the morning. FWPD officers came to her apartment in Fort Worth at 5:20 and she says she got to his hotel room at 1:45, leaving a window of some 3 hours and 35 minutes. Downtown Dallas is some 30 miles from Fort Worth so part of that time was taken up in travel. Manziel obviously feared for her safety. She claims she tried to leave but he “restrained” her, although she doesn’t say how. She claims she “feared for my life.”

At this point, let’s think about what’s happening. Crowley has decided she doesn’t want to stay and Manziel realizes she’s too drunk to drive. He decides to take her home and Crowley freaks out and becomes irrational. This is not the first time – back in October she got mad at him while riding in his car because he wouldn’t give her his cell phone and she threw his wallet out the window. Then she tried to jump out of his car while it was still moving and he restrained her. The officers who investigated that  incident determined that she was intoxicated. She said she had drank “three Crown and Cokes.” They also determined that Manziel was NOT intoxicated but had taken two drinks earlier in the day.

In short, this whole thing was a situation where a drunk woman became irrational when her friend refused to let her leave, then insisted on taking her home himself. If Crowley had simply let him take her without pitching a hissy fit, no one would have ever known about it. Instead, she became violent and out of control. By her own admission, she beat on Manziel with her fists while he was trying to drive. She also says she attacked him with a knife after he got her home (but she didn’t tell the FWPD officers about it. In fact, when they asked her if anything had happened at her apartment, she “became uncooperative” and changed the subject by claiming she feared Manziel was going to hurt himself.

What about his threat to “kill them both”? Remember, the woman was drunk but even if she were sober, people often hear something different than what was actually said. He may have told her to “stop before you kill us both”. I have had some experience with this. Years ago, when my first wife decided she wanted a divorce, we were talking one night and told her my job as a pilot might be in jeapordy. She asked why and I told her my employers would be afraid I might decide to fly an airplane into the ground and kill a bunch of passengers. Several months later after I moved out and our divorce got nasty, she told a State Policeman that I had threatened to fly an airplane into the ground. At the time, she gave no indication that she misunderstood but a few months later she tried to use the conversation against me. It’s highly likely that Manziel said one thing and Crowley heard something else, especially considering that she was probably snockered.

In her statement, Crowley does not acknowledge that she had been drinking. However, it’s a safe bet that she had – a lot. Pictures of her on social media usually show her drinking, and drinking heavily. The Fort Worth officers determined that she was intoxicated. She admits to having been to at least three clubs before she went to his room. The original report sent out from the FWPD described her as “inebriated.”

Did Manziel strike her? Contrary to what the FWPD report said, Crowley only claimed that he struck her once and that it was an open-handed slap. She says he slapped her “because I jumped out of the car.” She also said she was unable to hear afterwards. However, she also said that he was pushing her back while she was hitting him and that she hit her head on a window so hard that she fell on the floor.

At this point, the DPD has not charged Manziel. In fact, they have said that they have not decided what to charge him with, if anything. Even if they do charge him, everything Crowley has said can be used against her in court. She might even find herself in jail. After all, she was interering with the operator of a motor vehicle and she attacked him with a knife.