A Historical First

The Clinton’s Trail of Corruption

It should be obvious to anyone who has read my blog and seen my posts on Facebook and Twitter that I don’t just hate the Clintons, I DESPISE THEM! Never in the history of the United States has there been such an obvious politically corrupt family, as the information in the timeline linked above well illustrates. (Incidentally, that article is on a LEFT-WING site – even left-wing progressives know the Clintons are corrupt, or at least they did in the 1990s when that timeline was started.) They have a long history of corruption dating back to the early 1970s when they started their political career. (I say “their” because that’s what it was – Hillary Clinton’s one goal in life is to be president and she decided to achieve that goal by riding Bill’s coattails.)

My hatred for Bill started when I learned how he took somewhat extreme measures to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. Now, I know that Donald Trump didn’t serve either but there’s no evidence that he made any kind of effort to avoid military service. Like other college students in the 60s, both Trump and Clinton were exempt. Trump went for his physical and was classified as military fit with restrictions and was in a category that was never called. When the draft lottery was established, Trump drew a high number. Clinton, on the other hand, claimed he was going to enroll at the University of Arkansas and join the ROTC but instead he took off to Oxford (where he was accused of rape and kicked out of school.) Clinton was later spared because he, like Trump, drew a high number but only after he had actively avoided the draft. (The irony is that if Clinton had gone into the Army, he could have been commissioned and served in the staff judge advocate’s office. By the time he and Trump both came eligible, the US was in the process of pulling out of Vietnam and fewer and fewer men were being called.)

That was then and this is now and my hatred for the Clintons has intensified and is directed more at her now than it is him. Yes, Bill is a schemer but not as much as Hillary, and it’s Hillary activities that are beyond borderline criminal, and who is now under not one, but two, Federal investigations, the first for mishandling of classified information and the second for conflict of interest and abuse of power by selling favors in return for monetary considerations in the form of contributions to the Clinton family foundation. It’s now come out that the government of Qatar gave Bill Clinton a “birthday present” of $1 million. Now, governments don’t “give” large sums of money like that to someone unless they’re expecting something in return. Furthermore, the Clinton Foundation didn’t report the “gift” to the State Department as required and thus raises an ethics issue because Secretary Clinton had “promised” to report such gifts. The foundation’s activities are questionable since very little of it’s money is actually used for charitable purposes.

Dishonesty seems to be a hallmark of the Clintons, dishonesty combined with perjury whenever they’ve been called to account. According to former Clinton friend/business partner Jim McDougal, Bill and Hillary both lied to investigators about their role in the Whitewater development. Bill later lied in depositions related to the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and coerced others to lie for him, then later lied to a grand jury about his involvement with intern Monica Lewinsky – until Linda Tripp turned her semen-stained blue dress over to the FBI. Consequently, he was impeached for perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Hillary has lied so much that the late William Safire labeled her a serial liar and journalist Carl Bernstein, who wrote a biography of her, has said that “Hillary and truth rarely walk together.” Yet she’s very close to being elected president of the United States.

How can so many people support Hillary Clinton when she’s a known liar and is under Federal investigation? Part of it is that they’re Democrats and “my daddy was a Democrat and his daddy afore him and Hillary’s a Democrat and I’m agonna vote fer her.” Another part can be found in the statistics of her supporters; there is only one group of voters in which Hillary Clinton leads by a large majority and that is the Godless. While Trump leads among all voters with a religious preference, Clinton leads among those who profess no religious faith at all. In short, her immorality means nothing to those who are immoral themselves (yes, morality and religious faith go hand-in-hand. Then much of her support comes from those who share her belief that government should be the great provider and that all citizens should be responsible to government rather than the other way around as the Founders intended.



Author: semcgowanjr

I am a native of West Tennessee but have lived in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas and Ohio and now live in Texas near Houston. Twelve years of my life were spent in the Air Force. After leaving the military, I became a professional pilot and worked for two large corporations as a corporate pilot before I took early retirement on December 1, 2000. I went to work for Flight Safety, Texas as a ground school/simulator instructor and worked for a year and a half until I was let go due to downsizing. After leaving FSI, I went back to flying as a contract pilot and aircraft management company pilot until I quit flying in 2010 due to medical issues. I am rated 50% disabled by the VA for Type II diabetes related to herbicide exposure in South Vietnam. I spend my time writing. My books can be found at www.sammcgowan.com/books.html.

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