Getting Started

I decided to start a Word Press blog on a whim. Actually, I should be in bed but I saw someone else’s blog and decided to start one of my own rather than posting my thoughts on my own web site ( I’ve got a lot to say about a lot of things. We’ll see how things go.

I’ve slept on this and am  going to update the post. First, let me tell you a little about me. My name is Sam and I grew up in West Tennessee (not west Tennessee, it’s a proper name.) I’ll be 70 my next birthday. Right after my high school graduation in 1963, I enlisted in the Air Force and spent 12 years. No, I did not retire – that takes 20 years. I just got out because I was tired of military politics. Unlike the majority of Air Force “airmen”, I actually flew. I started out in aircraft maintenance then became an aircraft loadmaster and spent 11 of my 12 years on aircrew duty. I saw a lot of the world, particularly Southeast Asia. I am what the media likes to call a “decorated combat veteran,” whatever that means. After my first marriage, my new wife and I decided we wanted to become involved in church. She was Episcopalian and I had been raised Southern Baptist. We joined an independent Baptist church in Dover, Delaware and our lives changed drastically. I had already decided not to reenlist so I got out in July 1975 and we went back to Tennessee, back for me at least since my wife was from Virginia. That marriage lasted almost 20 years. My current  – and last – wife is a Chicago native who became a transplant to Texas, where we now live.

While I did not graduate from college, I have enough credits that I probably could had I elected to. Although I was unable to take off-duty courses for my most of my time in the military, I was able to take some during my last year or so before I got out, courses in aviation management. After I was discharged, I enrolled at Tristate Baptist College in Memphis where I studied systematic theology and the Bible. Some would say I am an accomplished author since I’ve authored, what, ten books? Right now I’m working on two more.

When I was a little boy, I decided I wanted to fly airplanes when I grew up. While stationed on Okinawa, where I rarely spent more than three days at a time, I started taking flying lessons but didn’t solo until I returned to the States in 1967. Over the next 43 years I logged over 16,000 hours in the air as a pilot, most of it professionally. I started flying corporate jets in 1991 and flew them until I quit flying for medical reasons in 2010.

My politics are what many call “classical liberalism,” the political philosophy that goes back to John Locke. The main principle of classical liberalism is limited government. While I believe in the rights of the individual, I’m not into the modern concept of “group identity.”  My ancestors date back to the 1600s in America, some of them at least. Some go back at least 15,000 years. My ancestry is Scottish, Irish, German, English – possibly Welsh – and Cherokee. My great-grandmother was at least half Cherokee and probably 3/4s. I do not like the term “native American.” Any child born in America is a native. Although I grew up in the South, my parents were Republicans, my dad all his life and my mother from right after they were married. My mother came from a family of Democrats, some of whom would have voted for Satan if he ran on the Democratic ticket. When I was in my 50s, I learned that one of my great-grandfathers was a night-rider. I suppose that means he was active in the Klan, the rejuvenated Klan, not the original. My parents were in favor of school integration. However, after blacks started marching and making demands, they became less enthusiastic about the “civil rights movement.” I am all for rights for everyone but I oppose special treatment for someone just because they happen to be of a particular ethnicity or race or have some kind of sexual quirk. I do not own a Confederate flag, never have and never intend to own one but I don’t believe it is a “hate symbol” nor do I believe the men who fought for the South and the women who supported them are “traitors.” There is a movement among Northerners today – and some Southern Democrats – to marginalize the South although I don’t really know why unless it is due to jealousy.

I plan to blog about all kinds of things. Some posts may be political but most will not. This will be my place to vent and take time off from my writing.

Sam McGowan 7/1/2015

Author: semcgowanjr

I am a native of West Tennessee but have lived in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas and Ohio and now live in Texas near Houston. Twelve years of my life were spent in the Air Force. After leaving the military, I became a professional pilot and worked for two large corporations as a corporate pilot before I took early retirement on December 1, 2000. I went to work for Flight Safety, Texas as a ground school/simulator instructor and worked for a year and a half until I was let go due to downsizing. After leaving FSI, I went back to flying as a contract pilot and aircraft management company pilot until I quit flying in 2010 due to medical issues. I am rated 80% disabled by the VA for Type II diabetes related to herbicide exposure in South Vietnam and other issues. I spend my time writing. My books can be found at

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